Command: "Infantry unit, this is Command. The enemy is approaching, what's your status?"

Infantry Unit: "Command, this is Infantry unit. Just a quick note, my pronouns are they/them. Can we please use that in all communications going forward?"

Command: "Infantry unit, the enemy is upon you and you're worried about pronouns?"

Infantry Unit: "Command, this is Infantry unit. It's not just about me, it's about respect and inclusivity"

Command: "Infantry unit, you're about to be inclusively dead. Defend yourselves!"

Infantry Unit: "Command, this is Infantry unit. Wait, what? Oh s***."

(End of transmission)

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    On the other hand. Command could also just realize the fact enemy is approaching is more important and acknowledge that infantry's pronoun. If they want to talk about it they can talk about it later.

    The world is burning and we are fighting over fucking pronouns
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    I mean, same could be said about most issues…

    “We’re in the middle of a war, and you’re worried whether we can draft homosexuals?”

    “We’re in the middle of a war, and you’re worrying about what famous person sleeps with whom?”

    “We’re in the middle of a war, and you’re worried about driving a bigger truck than your neighbor?”
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    "what's your status" fits for any kind of pronoun: she, he, they, etc.; it is still grammatically valid to ask "what's your status?" 🤡
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    @iceb wrong answer. Acknowledging something just because it's of a lesser annoyance is stupid
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    I doubt any serious armed forces would even care about this.

    I mean, bootcamps are there to get rid of this kind of nonsense in the first place.
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    @iiii Not sure where you are coming. There is imminent danger in this scenario and you would rather bicker than dealing with the more urgent issue on hand?
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    @iceb no, you ignore stupidity
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    So why do you think, that there needs to be another discussion about the relevancy of pronouns?
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    Does sound like a reason to hire really silly people into the military though
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    if you care about pronouns, at all and no matter which side of the "discussion" you are on, you _know_ there is a problem.

    but you have _no clue_ what it is.

    because you're a central part of it.
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    @AvatarOfKaine Need to send meatgrinders, so they can triangulate enemy positions
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    @Oktokolo No discussion, get offended by incorrect pronouns that's the other guys problem, not mine.
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    @jassole Wait, are you saying that you get offended by discussions about pronouns or that there is no discussion about pronouns and you are sure that the one not discussing them is a guy?
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    @Oktokolo "he" said that he's annoyed by the silly discussion that ended up being totally fucking stupid as expected years later detracting from the mission objective
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    btw I feel deeply offended by you all not addressing by my pronouns. It's a matter of respecting another human. So hereby I nominate my pronouns here:


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