(backstory -> I have 10 years of experience as a software engineer)

Me: So I would like to develop myself to become "officially" a senior engineer

Manager: sure, you basically need to show consistent behaviour

Me: ok, but what specifically? on what criteria do you determine when it is time for promotion?

Manager: there isn't anything like that defined yet, we would like to work on a definition of roles and responsibilities, but we're not there yet

Me: ok but how did you do it so far?

Manager; well as I said, you have to show consistent behaviour that characterises you as a senior.

Me: ....

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    You're manager and/or company is shit. 🤷
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    Plot twist: They didn't.
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    10 years sounds more than enough to consider yourself a senior

    Would the official label come with any benefits, like higher pay, more say in technical questions?
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    @LotsOfCaffeine you bet it's about the salary. My base salary is under 100k at a company whose name you know, and whose services you might have used.
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    @NemeXis you still using python 2.7 and Flash?
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    I don't think I've ever met someone with 10 years of programming experience who wasn't a senior.

    Idiots sure, imbeciles regularly, but no juniors.
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    @lorentz oq they exist and call yourself lucky you haven't worked with them. Holly fuck talk about rigid minded people.
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    @hjk101 unfortunately that describes many a senior so well…
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    My own definition as a manager is someone whom I can trust with responsibility - imho years are an useless indicator. If they are eager, can take critic, are emotionally stable (that is *very* important) and are responsible, great.
    You have the job.

    Welcome to the chopping block, better make that arse of yours shiny with a lot of vaseline, you'll never get used to getting fucked up. Hope is a thing you should abolish immediately.

    (Nope. Not joking.)

    Many people hate senior devs. One year as a senior dev in a bad company and you'll completely understand why bad senior devs exist - and why they just wanna make everyone else suffer.
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