Windows updates are a bit like SAW, you either inflict the pain on yourself or wait until it is forced upon you.


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    Get Pro, set update policy to only update when you choose.
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    @Demolishun When you pay extra money not for extra features, but to remove deliberate product defects, you know it's time to drop the vendor. After all, a vendor who pulls off this kind of crap will only make it even worse - in particular if being rewarded with money.
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    I guess you're one of those who postpone updates for months then act surprised.
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    Ah yes, all those months between today and last weekend when I rebooted to install updates 😅

    Whatever happened to "my [laptop] body, my choice"? By far the most stable and predictable machine I have is some shitbox laptop running Ubuntu 16, in the last 6ish is years it has never missed a beat, and only rebooted on the 3 or 4 specific occasions that I told it to. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @alturnativ @alturnativ And it's annoying how Windows shills would claim that it's somehow your fault every single time. "Oh, you didn't get the Pro version" or "Oh you're supposed to install at least 5 or 6 different third party software to fix Windows." Ok, what about computers that you don't have full control over and that you're forced to work on, anyway? Not all organization computers use the Enterprise version or a specific version of Windows.

    Good on you for using Linux at least,
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    That's so sad to hear. I'm on an old system still running Windows 8. It's been so long ago, I don't recall but I've since turned off update checks to their server. This complaint on newer versions just never happens, it never even checks let alone turns into a ransomware. In my country, where bandwidth costs are exorbitant, that would be a nightmarish disaster. Ios is the one I know that does this kind of poo, sad to hear Windows adopted it. Try to find a version 8 and its product key
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