MFA authentication setups that don't support standard authenticator apps, like 1Password or Google Authenticator can burn.

Yes, Microsoft, I am looking at you.

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    Microsoft has its own authenticator app. Classic MS.
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    These apps don't support all methods
    - HOTP or TOTP
    - 30 secs or 60 sec
    - sha1, sha256, sha512
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    @devRancid i only know 1 application that uses hotp in my vincinity: the second factor for my online banking and that is baked into my debit card
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    @dontbeevil Yes, those apps implement standards and can be used interchangeably. I've moved my accounts between them to test them out.
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    @dontbeevil except for the notification you can use other authenticators with ms. My totp is in my keepass
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    Classic Steam. Fuck Steam.
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    @dontbeevil MS Authenticator can add other providers because other providers implement a standard.

    Other authenticators can not implement MS auth because #justmicrosoftthings
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    I dont get it... Sure they have their own thing but I am still using googles authenticator for logging into ms so they arent locking anyone out?
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    @galena the default second factor is with the authenticator app, which displays an notification. This method is used by multiple applications/companies, but this has no standard that you can implement yourself.
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    its all stored plaintext at every major company. for the sake of three letter agencies.

    you know I'm right.
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