Western leaders are either too stupid or evil, with this aggressive war posturing.

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    They need WW3 for their money making schemes.
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    Come on, do you see any of the western leaders as capable of addressing even their own people? There's no leadership anymore, it's all carefully-optimised speech delivered by some press secretary to inform the people about, well, nothing in particular, because any strongly-expressed opinion that's not universally agreed on might upset the people and dive the ratings.
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    Well, half of them is scared shitless by the totally non-existing Russia-China pact they basically forced into existence by economic warfare. And the other half is somehow involved in the military industrial complex. Both really fear an actual hot world war but are at the same time desperate for eternal proxy wars to "weaken" their enemies and keeping their economies rolling.
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    @Oktokolo "non-existing pact they forced into existence"?
    I will never understand politics. APAB
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    @Demolishun Its sickening, they are not acting on behalf of any of their citizens.

    Instead they want the sheeples to do their bidding, go fight and die for nothing. And people buy it. Though I doubt they can fight well (lol).

    All bought and paid for and disguised under the name of "freedom", "democracy", when last years have just shown the complete 180 turn and disregard of. Angers me.
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    @c3r38r170 The USA/Russia/China conflict in a nutshell: USA and Minions sanction China and Russia to prevent both from becoming too strong - so they can keep world domination (which comes with shittons of economic benefits despite the horrendous costs of the enormous military needed to do so). China and Russia share a border. So while they aren't actually friends, they see no choice than trading with eachother (Russia has massive amounts of fossil energy and ores, China has everything else and an unsatiable hunger for energy and ores).

    Not sure what comes after that. Probably not an invasion into Russia or China (both got their mutual destruction nuke insurance). The USA wants to somehow grind down and destabilize the two. If Russai and China fall into civil war and/or split apart, there would be no one left to question their world domination. The grat imperium would have won for good. The strategy worked fine in the middle east.
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    @Oktokolo Its very people that can see through the veil, mass media propaganda designed to demonize China and Russia and connect significant events together.

    Goddamn It's so easy to emotionally charge people up by pressing a few buttons for things that will never benefit them or have any impact on their lives besides wasting their time. I do feel/hope there is a silent uprising.
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    Russian bots and their concern trolling scheme
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    @Oktokolo With China and Russia, it's also interesting that the last Chinese territory that has not gone back to China after the colonial ursupation in the 19th century is Outer Manchuria - currently Russian.

    It offers space, and critically, direct Pacific access that China had always had, including fishing grounds. A weak Russia is not only good for China to negotiate pricing of raw materials, but also for eventually getting Outer Manchuria back.

    Guess why China doesn't oppose the Ukraine war, but neither delivers support or weaponry. It's because watching Russia weakening itself is in China's best interest.
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    @aviophile stfu bitch.
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    Ah yes, the western leaders are the ones currently participating in a war. How foolish of everyone to think it's our peaceful glorious Russia who's in a war.
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    @electrineer There were no sanctions and no talk about Western values when the West (including Ukraine btw.) attacked Iraq. Actually, the one rotting in a Western prison today is not a war criminal, but the one who exposed Western war crimes.

    So while Russia's war on Ukraine is clearly in violation of the laws of nations, that's not the actual point for the West, but only the diversion to control the public discussion.
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    I have 0 respect for anyone accusing other opinion as Russia propaganda without a factual based reasoning. It shows how emotionally and triggered they can get, proves my point earlier above about

    "easy to emotionally trigger by pressing a few buttons for things that will never benefit them or have any impact on their lives besides wasting their time"

    Fucking russiagate was a clinton-initiated hoax because she was a loser who failed to own up losing election to trump, you dumbfucks as proved by twitter files.
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    @jassole I kind of agree with you on the propaganda side. But with China actively flooding the USA with fentanyl it is hard to think they are not a bad actor. There is also all the links to people in the government on the take from China.
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    @Demolishun Sure, I don't have much idea about internal politics of China and their dealings with US so won't comment much on it.

    But this cornering of China using NATO allies, and AUKUS defense pact is inviting a grave disaster and undermines security of neighbouring countries including Japan, Australia and taiwan situation isn't helping either.

    It wasn't long ago they were bickering about China's partnership with Solomon Island.
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    @jassole The US about Ukraine as potential NATO member and Russia's concerns right at its border: every country has the right to freely decide on its military alliances!

    Also the US, this time about the Solomons partnering with China, thousands of kilometers away from the US: wait, that's not how we meant it, we're concerned about security here.
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    @Fast-Nop Exactly deceit and lies, and getting sheeples like the 2 morons(Eletrineer and some pedo-phile named guy) above on your side is name of the game.

    They desperately seem to want world war and weakening of non-puppet nations while trying to do a lip services on themselves as the good guys. (Julien Assange still rotting in prison). If they get what they want, it's going to be bad, bad, bad for the commons..... Really bad.
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    @jassole Also popcorn potential:

    The US on Afghanistan: that's hopeless. We tried to install a puppet regime over 20 years, got our asses shot over and over, and everything collapsed within days after we left.

    China: well, we are teaming up with them.

    The US: why aren't they shooting you?

    China: because we go there in business suits, not combat uniforms.

    The US: that's because you don't respect human rights, they don't either, they have no democracy, and they don't respect women in particular.

    China: ah, that's why you supply e.g. Saudi Arabia even with heavy war machinery, right? Because of their democracy and women's rights? Plus that you can't define anymore what women even are!

    The US: ...
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    @Fast-Nop Afghanistan was taken so the USA could control/create poppy fields there. The USA murdered a US soldier that tried to expose this. A lot of military quit the service because they were asked to defend these fields.
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    @Demolishun I should point out that this is not specifically a national problem. Media from other countries would have pointed this out and exposed the USA for doing this. However, they are coordinated along with governments to protect this behavior. This is a world problem. Governments are in lock step with each other. And when they deviate they get murdered. Point in case: the ex prime minister of Japan was recently murdered because he defied the covid mandates.
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    ALL leaders are stupid AND evil.
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    With the way they are going, they are overcommitted, and Russia is WINNING without a doubt. They either likely have to get involved in the war, or do some spinning and psyops to water down the loss and blame solely on few people so morons like Electrineer have something to latch onto.
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    @jassole stfu putin’s cock holster
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    @aviophile bandera to hell. NAZI balls licker and a pedophile
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    @jassole i was just about to take you serious but you are juvenile with limited set of arguments snd even more limited intelligence. Signs: nazi, pedo blames(wtf?), supporting 21. century authoritarian regimes(low iq western 5th arm).

    Bye cocksucker.
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    @aviophile peophile and child groomer. Yeah go on, run bitch.. I never took you seriously. You are asking to be insulted and bullied, so I am giving you exactly what you need.
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