Let's be honest here. With all the ranting we do. Is there such a thing as a company/team we'd enjoy working with? lol

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    I like where I work now.
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    Sometimes I have nightmares where I accidentally quit my current job.

    That's how much I like it there.
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    Love my manager and company. Hate the customers I have to support.
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    Oh dang. so it is possible
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    Although the workload has been too much at times, I’ve enjoyed my team of almost exclusively one for the last decade.

    We’ve had a few people with no work ethic come and go that leave me with more work than they solved, so I’m a little gun shy about working with another human again. But I’ve learned to be optimistic whenever possible.
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    Sure, my current job is okay.
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    To be fair, I had a great deal of fun with my last project. 4 years of so, but the stack was wide enough for me to keep on learning and improving. Being a corp it found its ways to annoy me, but then again, I had fun trying to hack around their annoyances :)
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    I love my work.

    Yes there are parts worth ranting about but as a whole its good :)
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    I love my work.

    Still have big problems with the senoir who isn't doing his job. This weekend it is time I guess to take the quitting path...

    Can I mention in a resigning letter that I keep the possibility to negotiate open ?

    It would be my first time doing this kind of shit...
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    I like where I work (at Home) , the work that I do (DevOps) and the organisation I work for (public service) but I often don't like the people at direct mgmt level or certain collègues at other departments due tot their unwillingness to read beyond one sentence. Our service is Often the "dumpster team" where people just assume we fix their shit while it is not our responsability to do so. Direct mgmt is oblivious tot our grievances and when we actually need them to step up, they let us down.

    Other then that, i'd say it's nice where i'm at.
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    I loved my last gig, until corpo suits decided to ruin it all by replacing a perfectly fine boss with a retarded puppet mofo that was either negligent or retarded in the name of profit!1!!.

    (And still managed to go near bankruptcy 😂)
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    I love my current company. Sometimes its too good to be true.
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    @Demolishun You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
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    Exactly what @ReverendLovejoy said
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    I really really really really really wished it would be better, but at the moment it sucks

    Though I do love that I can do practically whatever the fuck I want.

    But most of the fresh teams are... Either fired or hanging on a fine thread.

    I dunno why, but recruiting is currently a nightmare - you take what you get just to have some deeply needed resources, but you can really fire 75 % sooner or later cause they're incompetent, arrogant or just insufferable.

    Keep those guys away from me and I'm medium happy to ecstactic depending on task I choose.
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