War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

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    This is about as coherent as any of your posts.
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    Rereading Orwell again?
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    Just take your Soma and eat your Soylent Green and everything will be fine.
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    @electrineer shutup lazy ass sheeple. Prepare for your firing soon, lmao
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    @yehaaw yeeeeehawwww
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    Fucking for virginity!
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    @PonySlaystation drinking in the name of health
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    After Musk bought Twitter: reducing censorship is a threat to freedom of speech!
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    Stupidity is intelligence
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    Denial is help
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    @asgs ignorance is strength already covers that
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    Bollocks is bollocks. And this is bollocks.
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    @spongegeoff that means you haven't read 1984 by george orwell
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    Love is powerless.
    You only live infinite times.
    Physics is imaginary.
    Digital is real life.
    Procrastinate is work.
    Slacking takes a lot of effort.
    Doing nothing is doing everything.
    Pooping is eating.
    Man is woman.
    Woman is man.
    Animals are inanimate objects.
    SQL is HTML.
    Gay is Hetrosexual.
    Input is output.
    Non-binary is binary.
    Drinking is pissing.

    All this mind diharrea is polluting and confusing the minds of people who otherwise might be exceptional and rational people. We need you to stay sane and vigilant, use your mind and ignore all the nonsense
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    @bioDan Imagine growing up to all these nonsense and navigating towards the truth for a kid. Now when you hit your rebellious teens, you are encourage to change your gender.....

    Pussification of mankind so they can be obedient slaves.

    It wasn't that bad during my days.
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    A 10% discount purchase is the same as saving!

    "enjoy the s a v i n g s today, only at walmart!"
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