Dear codebeautify.org,
Go kill yourself.

No one likes you. Go die.


P.S. I'm serious.

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    Yes, they deserve it 😏
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    This rant was made to trigger the warriors of the the oldest war fought over something related to programming
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    @sam9669 Here we go Hard tabs vs Soft tabs/spaces!
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    @Kryptic @sam9669 also, vim is better than emacs
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    I press tab to insert 2 spaces
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    @eldamir also Windows is better than Linux
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    @theactionslacks takes some selfcontrol to ignore that one πŸ˜‚
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    @eldamir Despite being a linux user, I really tire of os wars. πŸ˜‘
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    @CSaratakij I'm tired of any X is better than Y wars.

    Better to who? Which part of X is better than Y, why? Does anything​ you can possibly do with that is always better than Y? So probably it's better to you, not anyone else.

    People never consider these...
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    ...and of course, SVN will always be better than git. ;)
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    Hi, I am one of the developers of this tool, let me know if you have any suggestion to improve.
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    I personally don't like hearing
    *Click**Click**Click**Click**Click* whenever I start a new line. I do understand that people like more control, butttttt....

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    @jamesmalvi I love it, it's a great tool, Especially when I'm working with codepen and want to minify code.

    I just thought it was funny that one of its errors would trigger a space vs tab war.
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    @poster983 got it. Thank you..
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    I really don't get people's problems with spaces... most editors can substitute tab with spaces automatically so they feel like tabs.

    On the other hand, hard-tabbed files get messed up if you don't get the tab-width right....
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    It seems like many advocates of tabs actually believe that we hit the space bar four times...
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    @megabait yup. Pretty ridiculous
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    People also don't understand that it's a language convention thing, not personal preference.

    Majority of JS and Elixir projects use 2 spaces. Most PHP, Python and Erlang projects use 4. Go files use tabs. Some languages like Haskell use variable amounts of spaces for alignment, instead of just indentation.

    For an existing project, use existing indentation unless the whole team unanimously decides it's worth fixing.

    For a new project, use the idiomatic indentation method.
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