1. As i was freelancing on upwork some company contacted me and said my CV looks interesting and they gave me a link from their site to download a .rar file with details about their company and dev positions

2. Ok i open the link and the whole site is just blank page with 1 single button: "Download 5.8 mb"

3. Thought to myself: who the fuck has this low quality site of a company, shitty as fuck and as if its built in the 90s. But ok

4. About 2 days later they got banned on upwork and we cant chat anymore. I send this .rar file to virus total and 7 anti virus softwares scanned a trojan + 14 security vendors flagged the rar as malicious malware

Are you FUCKING kidding me? This is the type of bullshit I'm expecting to see in web3 world. Who the FUCK comes on upwork to infect ENGINEERS?? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? I'll publish their data right now:

Password: 49-49Zb2

Their site:

Honestly if i opened this fucking home page site first i would have smelled a virus miles away. But i just didnt expect a fucking virus AT ALL on UPWORK. Never happened to me before. This is the type of criminal fraud malware shit i expect AND SEE DAILY on WEB3 -- WHO TF DOES IT IN WEB2 IN 2023?? I'LL FUCK THIS CEO'S LIFE UPSIDE DOWN 180 RIGHT NOW

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    When you think, malware is an invention of the crypto bros.

    Spoiler alert: Computer malware is older than the internet. And the general concept was known to the medieval church which assumed the existence of books that try to corrupt the soul of whoever reads them.
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    It had to be you to open that file.
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