Apple has a real problem.

Their hardware has always been overpriced, but at least before it had defenders pointing out that it was at least capable and well made.

I know, I used to be one of them.

Past tense.

They have jumped the shark.

They now make pretentious hipster crap that is massively overpriced and doesn't have the basic features (like hardware ports) to enable you to do your job.

I mean, who needs an ESC key? What is wrong with learning to type CTRL-[ instead? Muscle memory? What's that?

They have gone from "It just works" to "It just doesn't work" in no time at all.

And it is Developers who are most pissed off. A tiny demographic who won't be visible on the financial bottom line until their newly absent software suddenly makes itself known two, three years down the line.

By which time it is too late to do anything.

But hey! Look how thin (and thermally throttled) my new laptop is!

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    Its basicly a jail for dev ๐Ÿ˜‘(restriction everywhere)
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    @CSaratakij that's why u jailbreak ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    I had a Nokia N95. It had 3g, I think. It definitely had a camera for recording video. I got the super amazing futurist amazes hyperadvanced amaze iPhone. It was like being plunged into a colourful dark age again. Fuck apple and their empty promises.
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    @Zennoe but that is why it is overpriced. You have some expensive stuff, that you could use in other scenario to make great things, but they don't use it's full potential. It's like putting racing car's engine and stuff into papercrafted car - parts are very good, but there is no use of them, and still you have to pay as for Ferrari. Makes no sense.
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    Around 10 years ago, I would see design students make a little effort to afford a macbook because at the time it was worth it. It lasted for much longer compared to other laptops, it had less issues, and most creative software worked so well, even design studios and agencies still worked with very old looking macs with little issues.

    Now I see folks invest on Apple products more for the sake of the brand than its qualities which have been decreasing over time. Even my brother preferred to invest on a older macbook model instead of the latest one, one reason being the stupid lack of ports, and the hardware of the older model being perfectly okay for his work.
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    @daveslater but goddamn what an awful pit of dispair symbian OS was. Wonderful features, horrible os. Ihad one too
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    That's why when I needed an upgrade recently, I bought one of the last real MacBook Pros with an actual keyboard and ports that matter. I wanted to make sure I had something good until style no longer mattered more than substance.
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    It's even worse when you see students and kids buying this.

    Developers who use Apple, at least make money with it.
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    I do not know how is Apple prices there. Here, in Brazil, their products costs about 2, 3 or 4 times the monthly income of most people.
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    @brunofontes Jesus fucking christ. I think they start at around 1500 euro here and I'm a student who makes has around 900 euro a month of which i can save 50... Don't want one but i can easily survive with a 400 euro laptop.
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    never liked mac or any iProducts, always felt it was for the ones that go after appearance of the phone. I do own their stock since we still have people who only want the latest and greatest iProducts even though they do not know why :D
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    this whole thread made my day
    God Bless
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    Don't worry! Once they figure out how to awaken Steve Jobs from his cryogenic stasis they'll be back on track and making quality products again
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    @daveslater you remind me of my N73 days, lots of good memories with the joystick :)
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    @ElmIsBae we need steve jobs like we need reagan
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    Once my 2015 MacBook pro becomes outdated, I'm jumping over to the Surface Book hype.
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    IMO the average user buys it and doesn't even use 1/4 of the things it has or can do because the average user doesn't know about it. They are are just like "Hey, I got the newest apple device. Jealous!?" They just want to listen to music and creep on Facebook. They don't know about storage or RAM, CPU. As long as the numbers sound high, they'll get it regardless of what they actually need.

    Honestly, to me it would be a waste of money for the average user. I know we always hear from Apple that they are the "best" but I would like to know how many ACTIVE users actually use the apps they release.

    As a developer, I wouldn't mind buying an Apple computer. Howeverโ€‹, I am more into cheaper hardware that will do me just fine. Because unlike the average user I only get what I need at an affordable price. I have a Chromebook + an external SSD of 120 GB(all I need) with Linux installed. Enabled debug mode on my Chromebook and voala, I have a computer running Linux. That's just me though...
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    @cuervo Snap! I also have two Chromebooks both running Crouton and an external 256GB SSD.
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    @Zennoe Yeah 600$ for 24GB RAM is reasonable
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