Well, this is a sad day. I'm on the first page of supporters and have been supporting for many years, but today, I'm going to have to stop. I've felt like for a while my money has not been well used, merely running a site with no active development or even community interaction.

I'm trading it in for a Big Jet TV membership on YouTube (I love airplanes)

Sorry devRant crew

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    "Welcome to Fediverse!"

    - or so I would say if the bare minimum of people were gathered and necessities such as group + some moderation were prepared. devRant→Mastodon/etc archive or migration frontend would also be neat. Then make it work wonders in coop with the chat protocols like Matrix/XMPP/IRC.

    If anyone's hyped for the thing, write or follow me: @vintprox@techhub.social 😄
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    Sadly, quite understandable. I've thought about doing the same...
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    What would the ideal community look like - that would keep you around?
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    Community of open-minded variadic devs where each can provide their own outlook on the subjects. And I've seen it here. 🤗

    One dilemma comes to mind: to have people sticking around the place, they need a good platform which is taken care of - and to nurture the platform, they need to stick around. I understand that devRant is pretty much alive because of infrastructure being revisited from time to time (probably only by receipt for "shared" hosting they've come up with).

    But we'll need some redundancy to avoid poofing into thin air and uncalled branching - that would happen because a lot of people here didn't find a purpose of sharing contact to another place - why, if we have a cozy corner here, right? I'll need more brains to not fuck up with the idea I proposed in the comment above.
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    @sheriffderek not saying that the community isn't doing well. Mostly pulling the plug because it's nothing like when I first decided to support the platform
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    @AlgoRythm i agree with your sentiment and am right behind you.
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