We should rename our "users" table to "losers".

It would be more accurate, plus the added benefit of security through obscurity - we'd be immune to little Bobby Tables.

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    Start all field names with L:

    lusers, loperators, ltime, etc
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    @Demolishun that's illegal, they're not Lnterfaces!
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    People say security through obscurity is just a delaying tactic at best, but those people have no idea how many times my blog has thwarted hacking attempts by returning a 404 for /wp-admin.

    (Because it's not even a WordPress site)
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    @EmberQuill heh, lol

    Honestly, this might be a useful tactic for AI to be used to identify attack vectors and create dynamic honey pot type responses.
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    If that's the case, you can also add a grading, because the word losers can't describe the whole palette.
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    Little Bobby Tables is a jihadist.
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