When you try to support devRant and the Apple Store won't open...

@dfox @trogus help!

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    Step 1: do not use iPhone!
    Nah just kidding man, use whatever suits you!
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    Also you can't comment in rants but i know (comments in another rant) that they're worming on resolving this quickly!
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    @linuxxx so devRant not working properly on iPhone?
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    @rodrigortz the payment through apple has not been approved yet and dfox trogus found that out too late!
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    @linuxxx oh great! So I'll miss my chance to support from day one! Is there another way to subscribe @dfox, @trogus? Help! Aaaaaargh
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    @rodrigortz I hope that they'll include an option from the browser through PayPal or ideal or something that goes outside the playstore etc
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    Sorry about that, it's a known issue in iOS right now, not much we can do unfortunately but wait for Apple :/

    Please see the end of this announcement for details: https://devrant.io/rants/638594/...
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