So i have begun learning python and jupyter notebooks etc Do you have any advice for someone like me who's a react dev and trying to switch to data science?

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    Advice: Do not use Jupyter. Use vscode :)
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    @darkwind i really dont know how would i use it.. most tutorials are using jupyter notebooks from the anaconda prompt
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    Are you working at a place with existing data scientists?

    In that case My advice would be (perhaps opposite to the previous replies) to tag along with them and see how they work.

    If you get the hang of how their stuff works and one of them quit then maybe you could offer to become part of their team.

    In my experience: to a company that needs to hire, a dev who's dabbled a bit on own outside their field isn't all that interesting but if you're already familiar with the specific data science done at the company and know people in the team - you'd be an interesting candidate
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    Data Engineer for 6+ years here, and most of that time they called it "data science"
    Make darn sure you have some real engineers maintaining the data pipeline and that your code can be ported to a real workflow eventually.

    The first is because without some grown up engineers to make stuff work you will end up trying to do like four jobs in one, and it is either way too much for a single lad or your products will be way too simple.

    The second is because if your ad hoc analysis cannot be containerized as a big boy application or service then it is either a one-time report (and not real data science) or it is a piece of shit that some poor bloke will spend nights and weekends trying to maintain.

    So be a good lad and find the engineers that maintain your data plumbing and make your analysis as one makes a big boy production app - commented, organized, throughly tested and with conteinerized dependencies!
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    Pretty much very actual data science roadmap.

    My advice would be evaluating if you are ready for this. It is assumed to have scientific approach, learnt higher math (having aptitude for this stuff like Statistics and etc), and having university degree.

    Data scientists are pretty much required to have at least Bachelor's degree and preferably Master's and higher degree.

    So... evaluate if you are satisfying this requirements and ready for the roadmap.

    Data scientist is... Usually a lot of math, with added programming parts. Machine Learning for good majority is being Data Engineer as far as i heard, and only after that machine learning.

    If you are ready, then go. If not... may be it is not really the road you need.
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    @jiraTicket my company is a service based. We make websites and apps for other people. So i dont think there are any data scientists here but i have a few friends who are data analysts and data scientist so they motivate me and tell me what to learn etc, i ask them for advice and tips from time to time :)
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    @darkwind thanks a lot :) , i have a uni degree in mechanical engineering , i know some math but have to revise again haha
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    @svartblod that is good, then you look like having foundation to travel this road :)
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    @darkwind hey brother i am using vscode for working on ipynb files instead of jupyter notebooks, its amazing, i am also using the doki anime theme so its fun haha
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