On my way to interview for new job, wish me luck.

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    All the best. May you land the job. Hope the worst dev question week rants help you in your endeavour.
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    wish you luck !
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    Ace it! Let us know how it goes. Good luck 🍀
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    Good luck!!
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    Good luck!
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    So interview was ok I guess.

    I just didn't get a good feeling from the place or the guys who interviewed me.

    Went through the same old CV questions a couple of C++ questions then asked me to write some code while my screen was mirrored to a projector.

    Haven't heard back yet but I don't think I'll accept any offer.

    The whole place just seemed off and the manager was too keen to explain their recent financial troubles and that many of their employees have been there for 10+ years.

    I've got a couple more interviews lined up so hopefully the next one will be better.

    Thanks for all of the support, it means a lot to hear good luck from the community.
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