Just got intern to “help me” on project. Told him to install nodeJs and run ‘npm install’ inside project folder that he pulled from git.

He ended up running ‘npm install’ inside C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs

Don’t have slightest clue how he got this idea, ... I just wanted to smash my head through window by that point. Similar shit repeated whole day long.

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    Have lots of fun with that.
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    Tell me something... did you ask if they knew what NodeJS was and how to install it? Did you ask if they knew what "npm" was and how to use it? Did they? Because if you have an intern and you assume a certain level of knowledge without checking, I think you have to accept part of the blame for them screwing up.
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    @CrankyOldDev agree with you but to be fair I just told a mechanical engineer intern to run a software test and he can do it and I literally said "hey man, pick a debug test off that list and run it
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    @Devintrix I didn't really mean to comment about expected level of ability. It's about assuming anything about anyone without confirming.

    It doesn't take long to say "Have you ever come across ...?" just to find out where someone is.
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    @CrankyOldDev I didn’t ask directly if he can do it because he said he already worked on some web projects that used nodeJs. Besides he is finishing his bachelor's degree from computer science.
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    @false That's fair. If they have said they've used node, your reaction is proportionate. But I wouldn't assume anyone completing a degree knows anything more than what a keyboard is. I'm very cynical.
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    @mrtnrdl I deliberately left off "mouse", because... you know... trackpads.
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