That moment when you just quit your successful paying job just to have more time to study and try to pass the fucking piece of trash math exam.

Fuck my asshole, fuck my life and fuck that motherfucking college degree. If I don't pass, I will eventually kill my self or quit college.

Jeez, I wonder what was in my head when I enrolled in college, oh wait.. Parents, society brainwashed me to think I need top tier education to be a successful computer programmer engineer.

Fuck you society, fuck my brain, fuck everything.

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    Keep calm and be nice with you first.
    If you don't pass just quit college and don't even try to think about killing your self and bullshit like this.
    I wish you all the best 😊
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    @Biggy exactly!
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    Thanks man this means a lot, I didn't literally mean "killing myself" it's just a manner of speech => how angry, frustrated and sad I am right now.
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    Not encouraging you to quit College, but if you do, there is still life in the IT world without the degree. You just work a little harder to demonstrate that you can do it. Speaking from personal experience.
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    I was i the same position. Guess what. I quit college and worked my way up. After 3 y i hae my own small firm. Good luck to you m8 and may the ods be forever in you favor. Do what u geel you have to do and what brings you joy.
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    Thanks dude for your kind words and advice's, I just want this to be over. I have 2 more math exams and after that I can take my diploma.
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    Heeeey, you need an Avatar.
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    Why did you quit your job to study for an exam? Just take 1-2 weeks off?
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