An ex-colleague got accused stealing company property (soda) that he bought with his own money.

He had put his own soda near the other soda of the company (a different brand they never bought). He went home one day and took 1 bottle with him. During that time period, the company offered free drinks (non-alcoholic of course).


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    Looking for an excuse. They didn't like him or something?
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    No wonder they left
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    @Demolishun I'll post the reason an other day. That can be a post on his own ^^

    But TL;DR: bad management
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    @electrineer He got fired soon after. He was planning to leave a few months later anyway. He started his own business some time ago and it grew a lot... Just not yet to the size to safely replace his full time job.

    He is now working at his own job.
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    @wojtek322 > "But TL;DR: bad management"

    After a big 'pizza party' for our department, there were like 8 large pizzas left over in the fridge (they bought waaay to many) and that night I took 3 of them home to my family (freezing the rest, obliviously).

    Next day the dept mgr 'asks' around "WHO ATE ALL THAT PIZZA!!" because several ate some for breakfast, break time, etc and the only flavor left was supreme/veggie. He was cursing, etc and shouted "That was company property and not for you assholes to steal, yes! some of you stole from the company and I'm going to get to the bottom of it!!"

    Me and other dev said to each other "Poor baby, he planned on eating the pizza for lunch. Snooze you lose."
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    @wojtek322 > "But TL;DR: bad management"

    more bad mgmt, not long after, there was another event for another dept and a gallon tub of ice cream left over in the freezer.

    One day I decided to help myself and a dev who got scared over the pizza incident walked in

    Dev: "Whoa...you can't eat that, if John finds out, he'll get you for stealing company property!"

    Me: "Yes, it's technically company property for the good of the employees, and I'm an employee and I think there are chocolate chips left over in the fridge too. You want some?"

    <thinks a bit>

    Dev: "Yes! Jeez, John is an asshole."

    I was playing a little russian roulette, I may not have fired for eating ice cream, but if John saw me, he would have made up some other reason to get me fired or put on some disciplinary list.
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    @PaperTrail Well, once you are done using "company property", you can always give it back.

    You can also tell the dude didn't grow up in a big family. Family steals everything not locked down. Only child vibes.
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    @Demolishun > "Only child vibes"

    Wow, that's right, he is an only child.

    I have two sisters and a brother, growing up, you really didn't necessarily have anything 'your own'. Never gave it second thought if my brother played with my hot wheels and visa-versa. Even food was always 'first come, first serve' unless you knew otherwise. Ex. I never, ever ate the coconut because my brother threaten to dump hot water on me while I slept. Yes...um...I embarrassed to say I called that bluff once...once.

    Mom: "You were warned."
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    In my last company, anything without a post-it with your name was free for all.

    Then again, I used to buy the beer (namely for me, but never objected to anyone taking it) for the communal fridge.

    It didn't bother me that they took it. It bothered me that they didn't *tell* me it was gone. Because I'd expect to finish the day knowing there were some left and then... 😱.

    Bear with me, I'd fucking pay for it nonetheless (and I did), but I established a rule that if you took the last beer, you'd come to me, get $$, and then go fetch more 😂
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    What the fuck is going in those companies. I'll never leave public service.
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    @aaronswart yes, don't buy your own soda ever...
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    @aaronswart Kinda, it was one of the reasons he was fired. I just posted the full story.
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