Our #bigtech repo is like 19 billion LOC so how am I the first one to try to do simpleThing with obviouslyRelatedThing?

My search foo yields nothing and I fear its not supported yet.


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    It's been implemented 19 times already because the people before you didn't find the previous implementations either.
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    @electrineer bonus impostor syndrome for juniors: the reason is that it has a very simple jargon name that makes a lot of sense in hindsight if you think about it but you just never heard it used like that.
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    19 billion LoC is a lot.

    How much of it is actual code and not config and comments?

    Is it just a mono language or multi äple languages?
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    @electrineer I did a deep dive and I'm 99% sure it's unsupported. Time to escalate.

    @max19931 an exaggeration. I don't know the actual number.
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