Interview: looked like I'm gonna use headless cms and jamstack ecosystem

Actual job: xml server with pike for the backend. Frontend served serverside + vuejs so good luck doing anything reactive without refreshing the page

After complaining I got to work on my tech stack but no signs of jamstack/headless. Even worse experience!

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    Wait a min, so you like jamstack or not? I mean cmon strapi backend with react frontend is amazing combination (if the webapp aint gonna be too big ofcourse)
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    @svartblod i like it, but the projects aren't jamstack or headless at all. All is locked down to some custom rigid cms and everything on the frontend is auto-generated. Most of the work is fiddling with 3rd party systems and sending emails when pipeline fails because something goes wrong and it does go wrong a lot of times but we don't have access or influence on how to fix it.

    So we have to wait! Chances are that the guys fixing it would botch it is pretty high, so communication goes back and forth until it's fixed.

    This happens on a daily basis! It's pretty frustrating!
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