Recently, Apple rolled out Push Notifications for PWA websites as a beta feature on iOS 16.4 devices. And let me tell you, it's a game-changer! But, when a client asked me to implement push notifications for their iOS users via web and service worker, I knew it wouldn't be a walk in the park.

Why, you ask? Well, their backend code base was written in Plain F*cking Vanilla PHP, which felt like I had time-traveled back to the 1980s! Plus, since the ios web push feature is still in its early stages, there were hardly any resources to guide me through the process of sending push notifications to Apple WebPush API using plain php.

Despite the obstacles, I managed to successfully send notifications to Mozilla and Google Chrome users. But Safari? Not so much. The client needed the task done within 24 hours, but due to delays, it ended up taking me three days to figure out the kinks. In the end, I had to refund the client, but I'm not one to give up easily.

In fact, I've created a public GitHub repo for a Quotes App in Flutter (https://github.com/GiddyNaya/...) that can send PN to iOS users via web. I'm diving down the rabbit hole to figure out how to make it work seamlessly, and I won't stop until I've cracked the code. Wish me luck!

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    I've also not yet figured out if I should stick with the PHP code I have written which works but kinda dirty or just try and implement in some other language entire.
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    I’m no iOS developer. But as a user I looked it up because this is the most abused feature by websites. It looks like you can only send notifications if the user adds the app to Home Screen. I love that limitation.
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    @fckIE True but the Pros far outweighs the Cons.

    For Developers: You don't need to build an iOS app if all that is required is just to send Push Notifications.

    For Users: Save space and avoid downloading Spywares.
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    @GiddyNaya yes. sure. I assume you mean pros and cons of not having the feature at all.

    I don’t see any cons of limiting it to apps added to Home Screen only.
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    I love figuring out kinks
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    Sure it is a game changer!

    The game changed 10 years ago, but apple just did it so it's *innovation* 😱
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    @CoreFusionX Apple is good about taking ideas and turning them into products.

    E.g. Everyone thought iPads were so new but Microsoft had their original version of the Surface years before it.
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    Like websites are not gigantic spyware hives nowadays.
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    Crapple is good about stealing realities and turning them into shit overpriced products that their zombies will buy anyway.

    They are low-key umbrella Corp
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    @CoreFusionX Agreed. So many people are brainwashed by them. Do they (usually) make good solid products? Sure, but still way overpriced. If everyone refused to buy the new iPhones for 2 weeks the price would drop $250
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    Last good crapple product was my iPod 5g.

    Back then, they were really innovation. Nothing like an iPod existed, or came close.

    Nowadays, they sell substandard hardware for ultra premium price, but since they already did the mind control campaign of "for professionals + it just works" (which is lol in any front), they already achieved success.
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    Are we brushing past the fact that this guy had to refund the client even though he got the job done?

    I'll never understand the concept of deadlines. okay fine, it took 3 days to build the feature but that doesn't mean that its useless if not produced within the first 24 hours.
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    @Sid2006 the reason for the full refund is because the task was not fully completed as they had expected the push implementation to work on safari since it’s the default browser on iOS.

    I can choose not to refund but that would mean that I either complete the task based on requirements or get a bad review on late delivery on the platform. It’s safer to let such clients slide.
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    @GiddyNaya IDK man, it sounds like an ethics thing you got, which I cannot say anything about in response.

    I am kinda against deadlines in the sense that quick doesn't mean quality. If you are working hard towards ur client's goals without cheating them, u deserve every penny earned, even if it took a little more time to finish it.
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    @fckIE I don't. I don't want to clutter my home screen with all the newspaper website icons just to get notifications.

    The reason I read them online instead of in the app in the first place is to avoid the clutter of apps.
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