Summary of My Experience With Recruiters

1. They do everything until they get a phone talk. They also go cold turkey if they don’t have what you want, no politeness if you are not useful to them.

2. They are OK with your highball salary range at first
3. Once they got that you are hireable, they show their true nature

3a. Trying to lower my forever salary expectation to guarantee an offer and their one time bonus

3b. They scare you implying I would be fired from job anyways, if I don’t like some aspects of the current job

3c. They call you multiple times a week with no scheduling beforehand

3d. They lecture me on why salary shouldn’t be a big reason for job change(bitch don’t even…)

3e. They say shit like I want you to get this job(dude, you say that to every job seeker)

I will add more if I remember. What are your other bad experiences

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    You've pretty much summed it up. Recruiters don't see you more as anything than a number on a spreadsheet, a tool to potentially get them commission. Any essence of humanity is simply a ruse.

    The only way you win is treating them the same way. They're not people, they're simply a tool to find you a job and salary combination you're interested in. If they're not upfront or don't have that to offer, ignore and blank them. If they call back later, ignore them, block their number.

    The only reason their current tactics work is because they rely on people being nice, open and honest with them in order to secure them what they want. Do the world a favour, don't do that, and then the recruitment industry might just have to rely on a tactic other than being a massive arsehole.
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    @AlmondSauce yeah, in my case, i didn’t move one step back from my original wishlist. I kindly refused to budge but damn it, it gets annoying to talk to the guy more than once a week.
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    1. It's a job and to them you're a product.

    2 and 3. Yes, they're okay with it in the first round. Once they need to start trimming applicants, they will backpedal.

    3a.Welcome to the second round.

    3b. Haven't experienced this.

    3c. yup. Very annoying.

    3d. Haven't experienced this.

    3e. is true though. They get a commission so they want you to get the job. You're confusing that fact with them having your best interests in mind.
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    @nitnip what I mean from that is they reframe it as human kindness. Ehat they truly mean is I want my commision, dont care about whether you will be happy or not.
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