Anyone's got a CKA certificate (Certified Kubernetes Admin)? I'm considering taking the course and getting certified, but a quick search on the internet scared me a little. The course and exam aren't that bad, but the experience of the PSI browser the exam must be taken in apparently is awful: it's a lottery whether it'll work or not, even a passing precheck test does not guarantee anything. People are setting up separate OS installations just for the exam.
Others say that their laptops cannot be used for the exam because of dual-gpu (even on windows).

This sounds like a nightmare.

I'm on LinuxMint 20.3 and I'm actually considering a separate installation of clean ubuntu.

I wonder, has anyone tried taking it? What's the experience? Has anyone tried taking the exam using a Linux (ubuntu?) live-boot?

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    Just my opinion, but certifications in the software industry is the most looked over attributes from employers.

    I'd rather build a production deployment of the tech that I am interested in. So I have something to show to them.
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    @Sid2006 yeeahhh, but then again, if I get all the paid material for free, the exam fee is also paid for me, I'm paid for the time I'm training and attending the exam, the knowledge I'll gain I'll surely need in my project and in the end I'll have a cert valid for 3 years..... IDK why not seize such an opportunity :)
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    Prepare a few VMs just in case maybe? Windows, ubuntu etc?
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    @neriald IF vm is an option. I reckon the whole point of that soft is to prevent cheating. Allowing VMs would be a severe overlook
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    @netikras yeah I was actually thinking about that while typing it. Unfortunately(fortunately?) I never had to use that browser so I won’t be much help to you. My second idea was to gather all pc’s you can get raspberry pies etc.
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