I have been sick for a week now. All I needed was one day of rest. But no, can't rest on the week days because I work late. Can't rest on weekends because work fucking calls me for retarded tasks that they are just too fucking lazy to do themselves.

Look gobknob, I understand you're not paying me overtime. Fuck you for that. But to deny me a day off because "we are too busy" and you can clearly see I'm fucking falling around due to illness is just a shit move.

"no doctors note, no time off". Yeah. You don't give me time to go to the doctor.

So you know what I did? I fucking went to the doctor now. Said I'm sick as a dog. Gave me a few days off too.

I should have asked him to prescribe my director a butternut sized suppository that cures all "I'm a shithead" ailments.

Time to try and turn my phone off for a few days (won't work. "oh no! We hired fuck twits who can't do their job, and now our skilled dev is sick" director "FUCKING PHONE HIM" this shit really happens.).

Excuse my grammar, my spelling, and possibly my punication. Time to sleep after 65 hours.

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    In many places, I think there are laws about these things. You're not allowed to get away with being an asshole when risking the health of one or more staff members. You could have a horrible contagious bug! Or even be Patient Zero!

    But get well soon anyway... how the rest helps.
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    Best wishes from me, too! Take your time to rest, you did the right thing. And you are allowed to (in many places even obliged to) turn off your work phone when sick.
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    Thank you. I shall make sure the rest is put to good use.
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    Here we are too, but this company I work for is run by a director who has a child's temperament. So if we don't answer our phones, he moan and takes our performance bonuses and commission. Yeah.
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