Why do anything? We all live on a floating rock. There is no meaning. To define meaning is our lives, objective or subjective, is functionally absurd. We are all here, chasing fleeting moments of joy and pretending like things matter. We are born and then have sex and do the dishes and scroll through our feed endlessly until our inevitable deaths. Nothing matters. Post on DevRant. Or don’t.

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    Bills ain't paying themselves bruh
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    Who cares, it’s fun lol
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    If it doesn't matter what you do, why not do something you like?
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    yep everything may kill you, and 1 of them will, so why not the fun one ;]
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    Oh. I feel the same way

    I think we are depressed:(
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    It’s important to create goals or things to look forward to or achieve. When you do you’ll find purpose in your everyday life. Subconsciously your decisions will guide you towards your goals. They don’t have to be work related or career focused (but they can). Recently I set my goal to live and work in a different country on a permanent basis. I am working on that and all the obstacles it throws up. But I find my everyday decisions are focused on that end. It maybe something less dramatic like learning to play guitar and joining a band or pursuing a hobby that you were once passionate about. Create purpose and it will fuel your happiness. You have a choice.
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    if nothing matters, why did you write this post about the fact that nothing matters?

    riddle me this, and you have the answer to your question.
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    Lack of meaning is meaningless.

    Futility is futile.

    Nothingness is also a nothing.

    Who are you in this big nothing?

    Are you a no-thing, too?
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