It all started with Yeonmi Parks video. And now YouTube’s algorithm has decided to teach me all about North Korea.

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    Listen the darknet diaries about north Korea. It's sick. They were sending USB sticks with content how life here is trough balloons. Episodes from "friends" for example
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    @retoor i have watched that earlier today :))
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    I clicked on some AI related content.. All I get now is click bait for noobs
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    @joewilliams007 three episodes. Even how north Korea tried to hack a billion from a bank.
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    @retoor exactly. i kind of listened to all his episodes at this point
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    I go in an turn off all recommends and history crap on youtube. I get generic suggestions.
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    @Demolishun those are the worst, full of mindless shit. The recommendations are quite useful if you know how to control them and how to avoid them controlling you.
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    @electrineer I have a few youtubers I follow. Those are generally in my recommend list. I just ignore the rest. I generally only go to youtube for things I specifically target. I have never been interested in what is recommended to me anyway.
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