How the fuck 4 months of design(2 designers) can be developed with 2 months of development work. (1 developer)


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    The designers worked hard to create the most simple and easy design that is doing the job, which is also simple and straightforward in nature. The design is so good, that it basically boils down to a simple template which is filled with values and all actions just lead to the same screen with updated values. The business logic is straight forward with almost no branches and absolutely no edge cases. Because you deal with flat data which isn't related to anything else. Your database is just a key/value store which you always query by key. There just is no need for indexes or any search or filtering and you always just need a single record. Also, the application is synchronous: User does something and gets result. No interaction with any services or other users' data.
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    @Oktokolo do not forget user studies and interviews, that can take quite a lot of time.
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    @Voxera Yeah, definitely. Poor designers probably worked their asses off to create the best user experience ever.
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    @Oktokolo well, not always ;)
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    @Oktokolo yeah. Poor them. They worked so hard, they left no room for dev. We can live with no tests and who needs QA.
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