I want to get into a job that I can sustain mentally while I raise a kid.

There are days when reading a book to a toddler after work is too mentally straining. How is it going to be when he wants help with school?

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    I was self employed when i had mine. I was able to walk him to school and collect him every single day of his young life. I wouldn’t change that for anyone. Re focus your priorities and see it as a blessing not a chore. Enjoy it as the time goes quickly and you can’t buy it back!
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    I cared for a kid for a few months while working. Holy fuck - don't know how parents do it. Gf was heavy maintenance also
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    Nah, don't think, such jobs exist - at least not fulltime.

    But you could stay at home and take care of the kid while your partner works fulltime to sustain the family.
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    It is definitely the work that burns me out. I cherish every minute with my kid.

    I am doing remote work and my employer is really good with compensation things. I don’t determine ticket priority so I do tickets that I wrote two years ago which have snowballed into urgent fires. I am in a bit of a vacuum for human contact at work. I can’t be convincing enough remotely to improve the prioritization. Sigh.

    So I sometimes literally try to read a children’s book after work and struggle to do it.
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    @Oktokolo My wife is college educated in community support work. Used to work in a medical office which paid better but she hated it. Current career that she is happy in makes about 1/4 as much money as my job. So if she went back to work and I stayed home we wouldn’t be able to afford our mortgage. If she went back to work and we put our son in care we would pay almost as much as she takes home. So she is a stay at home mom now and takes care of the household things. I go to work and bring home the bacon.
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    @irene Yeah, the classic model exists for a reason. One parent stays at home and the other does paid work.

    You will be able to have quality time with your kid at weekends and holidays. Helping with homework (an archaic concept that was already outdated when i was a child btw) will be her job.
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    @Oktokolo Since I work remotely I get to see my family every coffee break and lunch break. No commute time. I’m very grateful for that.
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