applying for a job at a company whose website is broken is kinda ironic

Todays gems are
- the menu item jobs isn't clickable. I have to find a link elsewhere
- the application form has a second page a "this is what you entered" page. It switches month and day of my birthday. I returned to first page to check. Here it's still fine. Now I needed to reupload my attachments because the "field is empty" - lets see if they get my CV twice
- the jobs page doesn't even load. firefox eventually prompts "This site is slowing down the browser ... [stop]"

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    So it expects input as either mm/dd or dd/mm and displays it in the users format on the second page? But why are they asking your birthday anyway, it's not relevant for how fit you are for the job.
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    Calling them would probably be a better idea.

    @electrineer is right asking for date of birth borders on illegal here. For some things it's relevant (expats need certain requirements at a certain age) but other than that it's just as bad as asking religion (I used to frequent the church of Emacs back in the day, no employer ever knew)
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    @electrineer I went back to see and they actually labeled it "birth date (format DD.MM.YYY)" and the field has a default entry of "mm/dd/yyyy" with the slashes being not editable as well as a calender button (filling the field in a mm/dd/yyyy format)

    I didn't catch that the first time and since I've overwritten the defaults I didn't know its actual format when I checked my input

    and yes it's only 3 Y in the label

    It's an optional field
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    So they actually need you. Nice.
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    @Oktokolo Ah, I see you're a glass half full kind of guy.
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    @Wisecrack Depends on the content of the glass.
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