A few months ago, we asked an external company to create a simple project since we lack the developers now...

I've just looked into it and the first thing we found was Evil Rick (from Rick & Morty)

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    Isn’t it Evil Morty?
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    @nanobot Yes, you are correct. I'm bad with names.
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    They are trying to tell you something
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    Effective communication
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    Tbh, we are currently in the notice period with them.

    Their back-end project was a 'disaster' according to my boss. The front-end work was not a lot better. :D

    Apparently, implementing translations in a fresh project (browser extension) would take them 10 days of work. My boss called it bullshit and our junior did it in less than 4 hours.
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    Ah, the sweet copyright infringement in commercial projects.
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