Cant believe this shit happened in my country today

A mass school shooting where a 13 year old kid shot and killed 9 kids, teachers and a security guard. Several other kids wounded and one girl having brain surgery

All of this because he got an F in history class

He was a quiet kid, well behaved, got straight A's and very intelligent. But he was reportedly bullied and no one did shit about it

This the type of shit you see in america daily. But now Serbia marks #1 country in europe with a school shooting

The kid planned all of this attack for 1 whole month. He drew a sketch on the paper of the school's pathway so he can know where to go, from enter door to exit door. Even wrote the names of kids he planned to kill, sorted from high to low priority

Due to Serbia's law, no one under 14 will be held accountable or go to jail for any crime, and this 13 year old kid was so intelligent of knowing this dumbass law that he executed on this plan Now in May because he turns 14 in July this year

Ironically, his dad was a well known doctor, and now the dad is fucked. Dad's gonna go to jail. Because the kid stole his dad's gun with 5-6 clips of magazine

Very bizarre

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    No way they beat the U.S to number one spot.
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    @GiddyNaya number 1 spot in europe not worldwide
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    European Murica.

    Firearms should only be handled by police officers. Hunting and sport weapons being sole exceptions.

    Having a firearm for self defense is a lame excuse to 'be cool'. KO pepperspray is enough and works against animals and people. Carrying a miniature tank in a pocket should not be a norm
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    The dad shouldn't go to jail IMHO
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    @retoor he should. He might get away with parole and terminated firearm owner's licence.

    Owning a firearm comes with strict responsibilities. One of which - the firearm must be kept locked in a safe noone but the owner has access to.

    If his child had access to the weapon, it's a severe, potentially lethal violation.
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    @retoor @netikras both mom and dad are now arrested facing lifetime imprisonment. The kid won't be charged for anything. He's just gonna be sent to mental asylum hospital prison and set free in a few years
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    I will bet that either a CIA or FBI agent was talking to that kid online before the shooting. Or some kind of intelligence agency.
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    Honestly Demolishun, you seem to believe reality is going to adapt to fit your worldview. You know, whatever you say out loud will actually then be true? What's normal is to try and bring your awareness into line with the actual events.
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    @spongegeoff I'm sure he's just joking a lot
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    @netikras Pepper spray can fail you and you need to be very fucking close to use it with any effectiveness. Even police tasers can be ineffective in some people. Guns will find their way to the hands of bad people whether there is a law against them or not.

    I think it's an enormous failure on a gun owner's part if they have kids and do not invest in a mechanism to keep the gun locked up and away from them.

    Given IoT has been a thing for years now, I'm pretty sure a mini safe that sends a notification to your phone whenever someone attempts to open it (or opens it) must exist, sort of like a Ring doorbell (with or without the camera).
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    Security guards should be well trained in gun fight. That give better outcome possibility where nobody but the school attacker dies.
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    @daniel-wu The USA had a shooting in a church a few years back. The shooter started shooting and I think he was dead in about a minute or less. Someone else was armed and took him down. I cannot remember if anyone besides the shooter was killed. Many people come to church armed. Texas is now paying teachers more if they choose to arm themselves. They are required to train though. I would like to see this in more states. I think Texas is also considering putting armed guards in all schools.

    I also think all women who are capable physically and mentally should be armed. Too many fucked up dudes these days. I know of a lady who works at a bank. She gets paid more to be armed.
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    @nitnip yes, it can fail and it needs to be close to the offender. A firearm can fail to. A firearm in shaky hands can hurt or kill innocent people.

    KO will not kill anyone - only inconvene. Lives will be saved during defence.

    If you are attacked with a gun - run for your life. You owning a gun won't change attacker's bullets into gummy worms - if anything, it makes an offender fight even more fiercely, as now he fights for his life - against your weapon. Increasing collat. damage and chances of being shot
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    @netikras Yeah, but I'm saying pepper spray aimed correctly can fail. You're being disingenuous by countering that with an example where a firearm is used incorrectly.

    As all tools, it is situational. As you said, a gun can at times just escalate a situation out of control.

    That said, between a tool that aimed and used correctly can fail as a defense, or even enrage the aggressor (pepper spray, taser) and a tool that aimed and used correctly will at the very least disable the aggressor I'd feel safer if I had the later (as well as the appropriate training and proficiency).
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    @nitnip well, I guess it depends on what the goal is. I see your goal is to disable the aggressor. Mine is to buy time to get out of the dangerous situation, preferably w/o injuring anyone.

    Firearms can't offer what I need, as they are built to inflict substantial damage and kill. I can't imagine what's going on in the heads of people who would seek that and justify it as "self-defence".

    Using lethal force is not a defence. It's either counter-offence or plain simple offence against whatever triggered fear in one's mind. Even disclosing a carried firearm is not a defence - it's an attempt to **overpower** the offender's threat by inflicting fear of getting injured. It's now the "defender" that's becoming a threat/danger.

    "defence" would be shielding, blocking, stepping aside from the danger.

    "offence is the best defence" - that's true only if you're up for a rough conflict (military, teenagers' arguments, etc.) and not focusing on "how to evade danger ASAP"
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    @nitnip What I wanted to say with that is if one's goal is to evade the threat, a pepperspray should be enough - it should buy enough time to step out of the dangerous situation. If it doesn't work (the bottle) then you won't get that extra time. But at least you won't make the situation worse, as you probably would by pulling a gun on the offender, making you a lethal threat to everyone around.

    IDK. I haven't been in a situation where I'd have to use a gun. I've been attacked, by animals and people. But risking to take one's life for trying to rob me for food or wtv, or killing a dog, when simply scaring it away with a spray would be enough feels like an overkill.

    Maybe the Doc had valid reasons to own a gun. Maybe I'm too inexperienced in life to comprehend them. But that's my naive and pacifistic position.
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    @Nitnip "Guns will find their way into the hands of bad people..."
    There are plenty of bad people in the UK, but almost none of them have guns. That's restricted to a very few hardcore criminals. In the US almost everyone has a gun, so you have far, far more gun killings.
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    @UnicornPoo Strangely, one of the children who survived that attack - in Dunblane, Scotland - was the tennis player Andy Murray, who later won Wimbledon, Olympic gold and the US Open.
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    I think I read about this.
    If I remember correctly the article. said the father actually was a hunter and he claims the son must have found out the code (watched him enter it or sth like that).
    If this is true, then at least from. the point of owning and safely storijng a gun, the father did nothing particularly wrong.
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