Why is it so important to some people to claim that "HTML and CSS are not programming languages"? I get it, you're a REAL programmer working with arrays, maybe tuples, objects and possibly direct memory management. Who the fuck has a right to call themselves a programmer for writing some brain dead markup or poorly designed selectors, right? Who fucking cares for semantic tags or nested selectors?

Just think for a few seconds about when you were taking your first baby steps to becoming the GOD ROCKING MEMORY HANDLER THAT WRITES _REAL_ CODE that you are today, and how good it felt to be able to create something that appeared on your screen. It felt pretty awesome, yeah?

Now imagine if someone much more experienced than you told you "You're not a real programmer, that is not real programming. You should see what I do, I do real programming".

I think you get it. Why spend your energy spreading bad vibes when you could spend it on something more productive. Like reading up on the new CSS4 specs ;)

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    @g-m-f I'm not claiming they are. Most people seem to have this view on it, nice to hear you don't 😊
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    The main difference is that html without anything else is a static unchanging markup describing a page.

    Css can handle some transitions and animations but is still very restricted.

    That is why most do call them programming languages.

    Css might be on its way but html is still static.
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    Bro.. they can say they are Web Designers... or to a point, Web Developer.... But, saying a programmer.... It's wrong... So if they are at say hypothetically... Level 4, they should not claim to be a level 30 expert.... Their line of working is different, and ours is different... both of the parties stay in their area... and live happily...
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    Programming languages do some form of calculation. Html and css simply define how a page looks like.
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    @Voxera correction, should have said do not call them :/
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    Which makes a technology programming stuff is the fact that this technology is turing complete.
    HTML is not turing complete.
    So if you do programming, you're doing real programming because any programming language is turing complete.
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    They are not, by definition.
    Well, I am not the one who define "programming language". Not here to pick a fight :)
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    What you should do:
    ✅ Saying HTML and CSS aren't programming languages
    ❌ "Come see mah rEaL cOdEs mah bois learn from me"
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    @edwrodrig HTML 5 and CSS 3 combined are actually turing complete.
    See: https://stackoverflow.com/questions...
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    @TheSilent yep, but only if you supply endless user clicks
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    Some people want to look superior. This happens to every group. Jobs, religion, politics. HTML is just an opportunity.
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    @Voxera i love you voxera
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    It's called a designer.
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    Its just a fact dude.
    Nothing in css, html document said its a programming language and that true fact right there. it didnt have a control flow, neither how to make a calculation. ("Its freaking not a programming lang in the first place ever")
    (u can call its a code though.) So, why this kind of talking is like an insult? I don't understand. Someone just want u to be better by correct u with a fucking fact.
    Thats remind me of someone lately. I just open xml file and that one just talk about how complicated that programming lang is. I said, Ahh.. it is not a programming bla bla bla.., and he gets it. okay case close. The thing is, I didnt look down on him. I just want him know the fact and expand his knowledge. make him be a better programmer/developer. What? got a problem with this kind of talk? arhh.... common dude, I just want u to be better, not looking down on u.
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    Everybody does their job with tools that are needed: some need programming languages, and some need html and css. What's your problem here? Do you feel worse because of that? Maybe invest some of your time into Javascript.
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    Guys, I don't think HTML and CSS are programming languages. The point was that you should not look down on people saying this - they're inside a bubble and it will burst eventually anyway.
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    @TheSilent HTML+ CSS3 + user do, but HTML + CSS3 alone don't.
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    So moral of the story is to let people think they are something they aren't so the people that actually worked for it are regarded as the same thing?
    Nope html and css are not programming languages.
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