Both apps I'm working on have legacy code:

iOS app has 100's and 1000's of lines of code with no documentation, no proper naming conventions and cut and pasted code off the net.

Android app has skeleton code from a Spanish taxi app + remnants of a funeral webcasting app, there's also the same no documentation, bad naming conventions and cut and paste code off the net.

The server is also as bad, it had methods that we're never used, I for one don't fully understand the server but from what I can see it's a mess.

I had a hard time understanding both apps and gladly majority of the modifications I made we're not including existing stuff, so I guess I just basically pilled my code onto of the already existing software.

I would have gladly started from scratch given the chance.

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    refactor that SOB. start with the server.
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    @magicMirror well I had a time to modify the app, not much time for anything else, and with the server since I don't know too much I'd do more harm than good.

    I finished what was needed to be done and because my boss wouldn't raise my pay above minimum wage (amount other things)
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    This is one of the funniest rants I have seen so far! 😂
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    @qbasic16 wait till you become the guy that needs to fix it...
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    @qbasic16 how is it funny? It's made the last year for me such a nightmare
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    Wait what? "Funeral webcasting" is a real thing?
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    @grubFX yeah I looked up a package import that was left on the app, I'll send a link when I get into work

    The guy who made the app for work just pulled things from other apps, honestly from what I've seen there was nothing complicated about the parts he did. Like for instance that Spanish taxi app was essentially the starting point for the app, and it isn't even necessary.
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    @grubFX found it,


    The app for work doesn't need anything in terms of webcasting, it does require location based services but you can just use Google maps for that sort of thing (which is what it does)

    What's sad is that this was just left in there for no reason
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