I discovered Tmux recently. I already love it!
(if you want a list of plugins used in both Tmux and Vim, just ask. I'm also open to suggestions since it's something I don't really know too well)

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    With the tmux fork Tmate the sharing part gets easier.

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    They dont list Debian ,😐
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    @heyheni don't like it cause it it uses an relay server, tmux can connect to an existing session on its own all it takes is sshing into a existing session.

    @gjkf what plugins? you might be using something I haven't heard of
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    I see vim, I upvote! 😁
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    As for Tmux I'm using: TPM, Tmux Sensible, Tmux-mem-cpu-load, Tmux yank. I have also manually put in the solarized dark colors.

    As for Vim I have: Pathogen, NERDTree, Tagbar, Vim-fugitive, supertab, vim-colors-solarized, vim-indent-guides, syntastic, vim-css-color, vim surround.

    I changed the usual black windows CMD to the solarized theme (https://github.com/neilpa/...) so that everything matches perfectly.

    I'm more than open to suggestions since there are so many different ones that it's really hard to choose which one to install. I'd really like something like YouCompleteMe for Java or other languages but still haven't found it.
    If you want my configurations, just ask!
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