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    Let's take our tinfoil hats off and stop with the "the government stalks us" bullshit. Do you honestly think they give a shit what an average person does? I'll answer it for you: they don't.
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    @jhh2450 that's sounds like something the government would say. 🤔
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    @TheDevil 😨😨😨😨
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    @TheDevil Welp fuck...ya got me there. 😂😂
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    @jhh2450 So the reported mass surveillance was just some troll, eh?
    Also it's not always about what happens yet with your data. What if the government changes to something to actively use your gather data against you?

    Simple example that doesn't even require a government: "Oh, you want to work for us? Well you had depression according to my data. We pass."
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    @jhh2450 You are completely right, they don't. But what happens when they do? What happens if you get their attention? You have to ask yourself the real questions.

    Also as @Makenshi said. They don't don't have to be interested in you to collect data. And when you for example want to work at Facebook who's got info on pretty much everybody, they can just look at your interests/skills to see if they want/need you or not.
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    @Numinex Working for Facebook is overrated and not worth it. Decent pay in an expensive as fuck state, isn't worth moving across the damn country. (Lots of the good jobs are near the HQ in Cali.)
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    @jhh2450 I said Facebook because it's a good example of giant information monster. Not because you should work there.
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    @Numinex Giant companies in general are shit companies to work for. And hard for them to know shit about when I don't use their stuff. Facebook, especially. It became the pits of hell over these last few years.
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    @jhh2450 You're missing my pont.
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