Everyone else on discord be playing games, Me:

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    @dfox question; Is it really necessary to compress images that are like 50x100? It makes them almost impossible to read. Maybe add a check for resolution before compression?
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    ++ for atom :]
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    Same... My friend asked me why I play WebStorm all the time xD
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    Who doesn't love atom <3
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    @bcye inb4 Electron haters
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    @enitoni electron is ♥️
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    For me its Sublime Text 3, but I have it set to say "Playing with The Large Hadron Collider."
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    @DewWisp ☝️ read top comment ☝️
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    @Jop- why would you not use desktop? It uses like 10mb ram and almost no CPU.
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    @Jop-, but then you can't use BetterDiscord. The chrome and Firefox extensions suck.
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    I use Discord in Franz, which is also an electron app. Franz is for things like Discord, Skype, Whatsapp, Slack, ... . Its tabs have seperate cache which means you can have multiple sessions for the same service.

    And I guess its RAM and privacy saving running Discord & Skype in the same electron app rather than both with the own client.
    I would never trust an Electron-App from Micro$oft (who knows what they'll collect from me).
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    Why are you using the light theme! It's ugly.
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    @bcye I hate atom because it's terrible compared to VSCode. It's slow as hell and crashes all the time. VSCode is what atom should've been.
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    @Greggergalactic even just with trying to type, it often freezes
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    @Jop- uses 37mb total when I count all
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    @human it's as fast as anything else on my 160$ laptop. Atom used to be slow but they have done a great job optimizing it recently.
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