Can we agree to from now on do all our sylesheets like this?

Honestly. It takes a bit of work organizing everything but bloody hell is it easy to use.

PS I just started a decent chunk of those #ID's will be replaced it's just to build the UI up.

Also you get a + if you can guess what ui I am trying to recreate. 😂

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    I'd say WoW but that'd be a dream 😂
    Good luck!
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    You're warm but not WoW.
    WoW would be an cool UI to base an web based mmorpg of though. 😍
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    no, use SASS.
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    @falmesino I would except I won't.
    I try to stay clear from any transpiling. Maybe some day someone will convince me to SASS it up but until then I'll stick with this since it's one less dependancy to worry about.
    I typically only use node + express + socket.io + html(5) + css(3) + JS on front. I hate front as it is why would I complicate it even more?
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    Use Sass or Less.
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    I hope this is a joke o.O
    Use SASS for the love of God.
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    Stylus or Sass
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    @DarekGreenly I am an athiest.

    But honestly it'd preffer if devtools would prettify css like this, mostly the indentation.

    Also this UI won't be anything complex so I see no need for a transpiler.
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