In the beginning of October, I was around 9% of the dev team. Now with some firing & people leaving, I'm 50% of the dev team.

It might be time to jump ship

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    if you don't get the missing ones paychecks while taking their jobs maybe it's time ;)
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    I'm more like 75% of the dev team. My client only pays for me and half a dev.

    I'm also jumping ship.
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    @We3D Sadly not. I got a minor pay rise back in January (after my salary has been adjusted for inflation).

    I'm technically still a Junior (working here for 2 years if you include my unpaid internship (which is the norm here)). But my tasks are senior level since well... I'm the full front-end team now. The last colleague in the front-end team was even more junior than I am
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    @wojtek322 is usually the case... on the bright side you are now a lead dev. you can stay there for as long as you learn new things ( making your hop easier ) and/or can endure while still pocking the market for alternatives =)
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    @We3D It's hard to learn said stuff if there is no one anymore to discuss potential problems with.
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    @wojtek322 true, but as long as it runs ( and hopefully no potential sec problems ) you learn something from every hard task
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    @Sid2006 Same here (the 75% thing).
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    There were 11 developers earlier.
    Now there are 2

    And then there were none
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