i need some advice on how to deal with office culture. i am a covid graduate and this is my first wfo job. it is technically hybrid but quickly turning into full time office, and there are several examples of scenarios, where i am not only feeling just frustrated, but hurt and retaliation.

my whole team is in a different city except 4 of us : pm, sr ios dev, me(android dev) and a sr android dev. in our office, there are 50 more people , but i rarely need to contact anyone except my team from another city or these 3 folks. also, we 4 are new joinees like just joined in last 2 months.

so let's discuss the problems.

1. there have been very shitty decisions that are leading to loss of everyone just because a few are unlucky. here's an example. on may 1, international labor day, we 4 had a leave showing. but it was not showing for other people. maybe because ourbleave calender was aligned to other city or maybe coz we are new, idk. but someone told the boss of manager, and he mailed to us that there is no leave :/ wtf

2. another news: our is shifting from we work to another co-working space. it is being heard that office will be now 3/5 days instead of 2/5 . when we joined, it was showing 3/5 days in our hr portal, but hr assured that it is 2/5 days. and we would still go 2/5 days only. but like that holiday scenario, people are buzzing and talking, and they might end up getting our 2/5 culture tonget fucked too. this is very stupid, since i am wasting 4 hrs everyday travelling.

3. let's talk about the snakes in the 4 ppl group. the ios dev and manager are sweet looking girl snakes. ios girl is the meek snake and pm is the wicked snake. once i discussed with ios girl about how we need to rush every morning at 8 am to reach office as our standup is at 10. i told her that i would raise this matter in standup and when i did, she was just mum as fuck. didn't even voted a fucking yes when the boss said "ok let's have a vote on it" . i mean man what the fuck are your scared of? the boss won't kill you bitch for clocking 30 mins late

4. the other snake is pm. i am pretty sure she was one of the people for which that leave was not showing and she informed the boss's boss. day before that i told her jokingly that once i leave the office, I won't be opening my laptop and since today it was decided that tomorrow is the holiday, I am unreachable and therefore enjoying the vacay due to lack of latest info.
the bitch fucking whatsapped me to say that she got a call from boss that tomorrow's a working day. it would have been the perfect fucking leave.
I am pretty sure a lot of people are hating me for leaving so early too. i oeave at 5pm , as i have to be at gym by 7. also 1 minute past 5 and i would be travelling in a jam packed metro, so yeah, no thanks. but this bitch is definitely telling my boss about this.

5 finally the biggest snake is this *cough-cough* "sr" android guy. dude's code is so shittu and hacky, i can sense that he didn't tried to understand the class and just added a function at any place he felt fit. he also is a schemy bitch, as he has somehow convinced noss to let him wotk just 1/5 days in wfo.

but i didn't cared about him much until now. yesterday i sent a link regarding latest Android dev update in the official channel as a fun read, and his reply was "probably should have seen theeynote yesterday" bitch it wasn't even mentioned in that keynote! i just checked its summary after his message, but then it was too late to retaliate.

and now that i see, he always tries to be smug and cool. not that i care, roast me all you want in front of your crush, I won't mind, but if you're trying to show people that am not an able dev, then buckle up bitch, either you or me are counting last breaths.

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    Damn, this sounds like a really toxic workplace, especially the 2 hour journey to the office. I have 1.5h per journey, but that's already too much for just one way. If they won't let you do more home office, you should probably leave.
    IT's fucking IT, most of your work can be done online or remotely, except for a few important meetings or events.
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    Don't have enough context to know what is reasonable or what's not. IOS girl might not be a snake but just intimidated. Either by you or the pm.

    Your attitude towards a non official holiday?: Labour Day might also not have been ideal.

    The don't worry about it it's 2/5 but it's not in writing is the classical BS. I've been lied to with promises by my current employer during the hiring process and nearly left because of it. Now they did compensate for it but it was a battle. Other things are really nice here so it was worth the fight.

    Considering your travel distance you lose 4 hours every week due them going back on their word. That is not ok. You can raise it with people management. If they don't budge just look for another employer and tell them during the exit interview that they don't deserve honest people if they steal 4 hours a week.
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    @hjk101 that's exactly her(ios girl) main problem. they are not only just okay with a pathetic work environment , they are keeping mum about it. and seeingbher not say anything, a lot of other people who joined after her will also not say anything, creating a chain of meekness in the team. our company works like this :

    1. the top 50 powerful people are ensured with a comfortable environment by the hr : remote working options, office to home pickup and vice versa, personal cabins, free lunches , free parking etc

    2. the top 50 people has some people who are supposed to maintain employee code of conduct, and company culture.

    3. as they are blind with so much benefits, they think everyone's getting the same benefits or they are getting these benefits coz others are not getting it.

    4. the culture doesn't change and gets worse
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