Alright, I'm grown up enough to admit it publicly: I DON'T LIKE GOING OUT TO PUBS OR OTHER DRINKING PLACES. Even if it's to take a company guest out for the night. Or a teambuilding. I don't care. If you're gonna meet up just to sip booze and talk about stuff, I won't be there.

It's boring
it's pointless
it means a shitty next day
it means a shitty rest of the evening [booze messing up sharpness of mind, no driving, etc]
it doesn't bring any value
it's not fun and it sure is not my cup of tea

taking the guest to play golf - sure. Take him to a range - blasts of fun! Horse riding - absolutely. Go-carts - hell yeah! Basicaly doing ANYTHING but sitting, getting dizzy, slowly losing control of my body and thoughts and sharing that experience with someone is a better way to take a guest/client out or have a teambuilding.

DO something. Not just sit and drink and slowly get stupider in front of someone.

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    I love getting colleagues drunk. Special beers mainly
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    If you want to drink with coworkers, then just go for it. Sometimes you get to see who they really are.

    Just don't get "too friendly", if you catch my drift.
    *wink wink*
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    Last time I had to do this I ordered alcohol-less beer, still boring and pointless but other problems are solved
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    I'm against socialization in workspace.

    You are not at work to make friends...

    I don't mind a bit of barbecue / poker night every now and then...

    But alcohol is no no.

    I know a lot of managers who do the alc parties solely for the purpose of getting "blackmail info"
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    @IntrusionCM it also depends on the country, here in France you can't do a company gathering without alcohol so that's hard to avoid
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    I always try to find a pub where you can play table soccer, darts, billard or whatever to have sth to do while rotting away.
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    @horus I tried the same, but that's sadly not really a thing around my place.
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    @netikras Ah it's that time again.
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    I agree - alcohol has damaged the earth too much
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    @chonky-quiche but... but... it already was damaged beyond redemption to begin with
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