I never finished highschool, let alone college and I earn more money than most of my friends and people I grew up with. I have a job that I actually love and I'm excited to go to work every day.

I get to work with smart, open-minded and motivated people every day.

My mind is sharp and alive and I never feel like I'm running out of new and interesting things to learn and explore.

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    That's a wonderful mindset to have 😊
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    I want to save 20 thousand dollars wasted on finishing my degree
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    Tell me more... Don't tell me this is a commercial.
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    I was reading that thinking. Except for the high school part, that sounds a lot like me. Of course I did try college for a bit but never finished.
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    My parents were in a weird Christian cult that promoted 'not exposing your children to the world' because the world was going to end soon anyway. Like next week. When I grew up the library was the only way to escape the madness. That and for some reason they weren't against me having access to computers.

    So I've pretty much been coding since I was a little kid. As an adult I realized that with the huge shortage of software devs, companies don't care about anything beyond 2 things: You can code. Well. And you can work with other people. Nothing else really matters to them beyond being a fairly normal, non-psycopath human being.

    At the end of the day they want to ship a product that makes them money with the least fuss. If you can prove to them that you can do that, they'll hire you and they'll pay you.

    How do you prove that? Join community projects. Meet people at meetups. Go to events.

    Above all, freaking CODE!
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    I should have added above that my parents pulled me out of school at the first opportunity they legally could due to their psycho religious cult, hence not finishing school.
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