I know there has been a million stories on people asking developers for free/cheap work, and having this happen constantly is probably one of the biggest ways coding has impacted my life, but it happened to me for the umpteenth time this morning and I'm still reeling from it.

A close friend of mine asked me to create a bespoke website for her new business. I currently work as a Software/Web Developer so I assume this made sense in her head to ask her friend first.

She gave me some requirements and seeing as I already had a figure in mind, I asked for her budget. She says - 'I don't want to say a figure and insult you with it being too low'.

I tell her I'll work out a figure that benefits both of us, seeing as I would be using this as experience to try out some new stuff and she doesn't want it done until January. Because of this I was already going to give her a great deal on it anyway (in comparison to what it would be if I charged her through the company) because it would practically be a project I'd work on if I had a spare evening.

She said, and I quote: 'We preferably don't want to spend more than £200, and if it's less that is even better'.

I think I was actually more insulted that she thinks something I do for a living is worth £200 or less.

She thinks that designing, programming and writing content for a website is worth < £200.

I think she'll be shocked when I give her the quote that I had in mind. Looks like she'll be getting a WiX website or something for that kind of money.

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    The rant doesn't make clear whether you give her the wix side or someone else. The problem neither way is that she will get what she wants with that Budget and wont understand why it's a problem.
    Anyway nice rant - guess our work will never really be appreciated...
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    @pain I would still do her the WiX website because getting paid £200 to do that is easy mode.
    I would have thought she would have understood my work more by now, I've known her for 16 years and I've been a dev for 5 of those years... 🙄
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    Wow this covers about 1.5h of work...
    I don't know where this thinking comes that people try to use "friends" for their gain. Real friends would put some good money on top of the offer, to support your business or at least for appreciation to have a close developer who actually would care about the client's ideas and invest his/her personal spare time.
    Cheap arse people...
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