there's nothing we can do about that!

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    Spot on.🤓
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    I Agree :-)
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    First we root for women in STEM, then we ++ this shit?
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    Just stupid, and what does this got to do with dev!? I know its a fucking sausage party but please do not remind me on devrant...
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    It is funny to see how people think about girls.
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    Well you atleast put your best effort in understanding first.. Its not your fault that you ended up clicking 'I do! ' just to get to the good parts
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    Is it entirely clear that this picture degrades women? The way I interpret it is that me as a man often, and my psychologist backs me up here, often seize to think and lose my ability to formulate logically cohesive arguments when I start to get upset. This image mirrors my spontaneous reaction to just submit to whatever my female life partner suggests. And to suggest that all men work like thisthi, which is what this image suggests, would thus be belittling towards men and not women. Either way I think it was funny.
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