Sad rant:
Programming has been my passion since forever, and about a year ago I realized I should make my profession out of that.
I did, and now I don't like programming anymore. 40h a week sucks

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    Yeah, not convinced that the 40 h week is the problem. I do 40 h then go home and write more code. Do you actually enjoy the projects you work on?
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    40h a week is normal for most of the jobs isn't it? Next to my apprenticeship I'm programming also in my free time. Programming should be passion in my opinion. You don't have to program all the day long, but you should love what you do even when it's hard sometimes.
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    You could try to move toward management.
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    Yeah, full time Jobs are like, 37-40 h
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    I'm in the same state, thing is that for me, programming isn't the best thing, i'm slowly going toward management and software design. This is caused by a lack of interest in the project i've done as of today in my job, and the lack of good software structure. This might be your problem too ! Try to find what can still attract you to programming and go for that ! Is it your first dev job?
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