Factory Reset my Nexus 6P, can't get Google Assistant -

So I was using the Android O Dev preview and decided the annoying things in it was just too much so I un-enrolled which reset my device, I'm now on Android N and have been for a week or two, everything's up to date and all but holding the home menu gives me the "Now on tap", I've cleared the Google app and services data/cache, swapped the language to English (US) and rebooted a few times but still nothing.

I'm not rooted and my bootloader is locked, I'm in Australia and had access to Google Assistant without any trickery before...

Not too sure what I'm missing and how to enable Assistant? So freaking annoying not having it and stuff, it was so useful and I miss it

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    Install Home Button Launcher or some other app also started by a long home button press. As far as I'm aware Google Now cannot be removed, but least you will have something you can quit faster. At least This is the case on Android M, I'll assume it's the same on Android N.

    I don't know about Google Assistant though.
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    @7400 Not having assistant is the issue, I don't ever use Google now on tap
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    OK, sorry then. My issue was that I kept accidentally opening it and had to wait for Google Now to open just to close it again.
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