I dislike Google page speed. I understand their intention but sometimes it's just stupid, like inclining critical CSS and loading in the rest of the CSS using JavaScript.

What happens if the user has JavaScript disabled? They get a half rendered site they can't use that looks broken, but hey, at least the crappy site loads quickly.

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    I recommend duckduckgo.com
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    I think more and more developers are starting to take the approach of "its 2017 why the hell would anyone have JS disabled in their browser?"
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    And then you spend too much time with security people and see their "opt-in" JavaScript experience
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    @CrashOverride very true. I was a big fan of progressive enhancement but in the real world of deadlines and nightmare clients it's easy to dump in a load jQuery plugins and forget all about it.
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    @tsquaredanton I worked with someone who only used sea monkey browser.
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