Coding won over my first girlfriend!

My senior year of high school I taught myself C++ and thought it was the coolest thing (lol). So I wrote a stupidly simple program that would ask your name and output a random riddle. But if the name was hers it was a riddle in which case the answer was "a date". Looking back, even if she was on my robotics team it was the nerdiest thing.

We dated for 8 months and broke up as friends. But to this day it provides a great story as I pursue software development.

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    Great story Jeffrey, definitely the smoothest, nerdyest way to pick up a girl (albiet she was on your robotics team)
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    I don't think there will ever be a better reply to this rant than your own. It is both snarky and sincere at the same time and therefore deserves the highest honors. We shall all remember it to our graves as the best rant reply on devRant, even the oldest and most senile of us all.

    Be proud, @ctmalloy, as you have done what few else have done.
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    C++, connecting people :3
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    damn son, this is inspirational
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