Phone rings, recruiter: "hi Scott just come across your CV and really want to talk to you about an exciting opportunity"
Me: "Ok, cool, can I just qualify this call, what was the keyword search you used to find my profile?"
Recruiter: "it's for a Java developer role for an exciting employer"
Me: "so you matched me on a Java training course I did 8 years ago?"
Recruiter: "ok, but I see you're fully qualified in c#"
Me: "you mean the support developer role from 5 years ago?"
Recruiter: "yes"
Me: "πŸ˜‘"
Recruiter: "listen it's a pretty bad line can I call you on a land line or drop you an email?"
Me: "sure drop me an email with your contact details and I'll give you a call back"

Still waiting on that email...

Why can't recruiters just admit straight away that they blindly called you without even reading your CV

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    Reading CVs take too long, better to just call everyone who matches their search terms and go with the ones who doesn't block all unwanted recruiter calls.
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    Just so you know, the average time spent on a resume is around 3.6s

    Source: An HR dude.
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    @Jilano they are fast to find our phone numbers
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    I keep getting emails from recruiters who've seen my profile on Reed or somewhere offering jobs 200 miles away
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    @zarathustra ask if they pay for rent and change expenses, if yes, it's on your hands now
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    @Jilano I need to up my game. Usually I spent at _least_ 7-8 seconds per CV.
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    @configurator Nah, just see it that way: You're twice better better than the average HR ;)
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    I keep getting calls from a recruiter... offering me the same position... for the company I already work for... they keep leaving voicemails because they keep calling while I'm working...
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    @amlove32 when you have that really niche skillset or some really obscure technology on your CV.

    Just for reference the manager and second in command in the team I'm working with both left [withing a week of each other] due to the fact they both had experience in some obscure technology that [apparently] is hard to come by.

    They were both completely unaware the other had applied for jobs at the same place or that they would be working together again, in the same team...
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    That's funny!

    I hope it's just that this lady has an older resume from when I first applied. I've been here 18 months and I'm not hard to find in the global address list. :D
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