What can you expect to earn at your first IT/dev job in your country (e.g. junior dev after graduating)?

What do seniors usually get?

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    In my area, junior starts at about $35,000 a year. Senior is earning around $100,000 a year.
    Not gonna tell you which one I am. Lol
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    @lewdogg what country?
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    It's very difficult to give you any solid information.
    What languages?
    Do you want to work for an organisation or a studio?
    Small business?
    Mobile dev?
    Web Dev?
    Full stack?
    Focus on security?

    It's almost an impossible question to answer.

    However vague answer. you could start as little as $30k and as much as $250k
    I have seen sap security contracts for for upwards of $400k
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    @hitchhiker42 full stack... eastern PA. US
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    I should move out of Poland... 1/3 of what you earn in US.
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    @mt3o well, the cost of living in eastern PA is very high as well.
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    45k start...80k mid... 120k senior...Texas USA
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    @lewdogg here a junior starts 9600$ a year and a senior 36000$ a year 🙁
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    17000-21000$ as a Junion depending on if you come ranging from a professional school to a master's

    A senior prob 30k$+
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    Norway: Starting salary is around 54k (varies from 52-56k). VERY senior salary 96kish. Can get to 120k, but then you're working yourself to death. (5 weeks mandatory vacation, Free healthcare, high taxes and high cost of living)
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    Ask Wolfram Alpha.
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    @gitpush but let me ask ... how long can does a 4 bedroom house cost in your area?
    Here, roughly around $250,000 for something that you could barely consider great.
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