Dear Misinformed idiots,
Just because you watched Silicon Valley doesn't mean you actually understand how Software Development works.
-We don't sit in front of a screen in an AC room googling funny pictures
-We don't think of new Algorithms by pretending to be jerking.
-We don't "get lucky" with our code, it takes hours of studying and research to come up with a solution which actually works.
-And we definitely can't just "create the *next* Google", THAT is not how it works.
I swear to the God ya'll love and cherish, the next person to approach me to turn their shit idea into "The next big thing", I'll leave everything aside and drive a screwdriver through your neck.

- An Engineer tired of everyone's never ending shit storm.

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    "We don't sit in front of a screen in an AC room googling funny pictures." ???

    Well, dammit. I had a feeling I was doing something wrong all this time.
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    I mean, I do the first one... a lot...
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    Well well, I guess I'm the weird one then 😂😂
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    You guys wtf, whyd u google funny pictures???

    Use duckduckgo
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    Great rant, i feel your pain. Take some ++
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    I actually liked Silicon Valley...

    -- A software programmer
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    @DutulescuRemus I like the show too man, but the muggles think that the show is the exact same thing as the real life. They get a lot of things right on the show, but it's still a work of fiction.
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    First of, muggles will always think stupid things. Secondly your statements one and three do not apply to all of us. I had a lot of problems where I was stuck for days and by pure chance I stumbled up on a funny pictures which inspired me to find the perfect solution to the problem. Working is like farting, to much pressure and it turns to shit. Always take a few moments of is you get stuck on a problem for more then one hour. And I like to keep on dreaming about having the right idea at the right time
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    Bust most importantly we don't sit on those fucking grandma-style wooden chairs
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    Well damn I must have been doing it wrong this whole time...
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    @Tamrael but too little pressure and nothing comes out, right? :D
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